Sueño Próspero, 2021

Giclée | Official print of the artwork

This Painting is available for print and is the perfect piece to add to your home or as a gift. High quality photographic printing material. The paper used works well with large, full-color graphics or illustrations. The color quality is very similar to the original artwork. If you want a different measure you can contact me here

Certificate of Authenticity included !

Official Print Artwork (32x60cm / 15.5×23.6 In) $30 USD + Shipping.

(The official print is sent rolled into a tube.)

About the Original Artwork

Rigoberto Castro (Rigo Art).

Title: Sueño Próspero, 2021

Medium: Painting | Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

80 x 150 cm | 31.4 x 59. in

Description: We are facing a work that aims to represent not only dreams, but through its multiple nuances, deep effects, lights and shadows, it transports us to a fantastic world in which the protagonist represents our need to cling to our most intimate desires to carry them. to a reality, its details are intended to lead us to reflect on how inside us, the innocence and purity of our dreams, fearfully but decisively play a leading role in that place inside us where we are safe being and dreaming what we want , in a world where we constantly live being what we should and what we can, undoubtedly a masterpiece that invites you to dare to live your dreams, to return to your deepest desires, to follow the course of your illusions, regardless of whether you It provokes you to live, to try, to take your deepest feelings and illuminate the path of our existence.

  • This is a unique work
  • Signature: Hand-signed by artist
  • Certificate of authenticity included hand-signed by artist
  • The sides are painted in black
  • Finished with varnish
  • Frame: Not included

The original art work is sent unstretched and rolled into a tube. You can take the painted canvas to your local bookbinder so that it can be restrained or framed to your liking! (Contact for more information about shipping the paint on stretched canvas).

You can request more photographs of the work.

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