NFT’s | New Collection Available

Collection of unique hand-painted artworks on canvas by the artist “Rigo Art” and now preserved in high resolution NFT’s | Opensea Exclusive Limited Edition | Ethereum blockchain.

“The Journey of Dreams”

is a line of artworks that represent in a fantastic and unique way, the beautiful journey of dreams before the imminent world of thoughts and the reality in which we live. A star with a curious appearance that with its face and extremities symbolizes that “great living dream” that is inside the mind of any person, that longing that in the face of obstacles and adversity itself, always finds a way to continue shining.

Each finished work by the artist Rigoberto Castro (Rigo Art) is the aesthetic reflection of a beautiful dream journey, painted with the soul, seeking to fill hearts with life and fill a void, with a flash of illusion necessary to continue on the path. of dreams Dreams can come true.

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  3. Muchísimas felicidades 🎊 👏🏻 👏🏻 sabemos que seguirán los éxitos porque eres una gran artista 🎨 👨🏽‍🎨